Reloop Laptop Stand

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The Reloop Laptop Stand is the enhanced assistant for the installation of laptops or other hardware in a DJ setup. Thanks to the variable width notebooks of all sizes can be set up safely and space savingly.
  • Robust and firm laptop stand for digital DJs, musicians and producers
  • For all current laptop sizes up to 17''
  • Anti-slipping and vibration protection due to especially broad cushion overlays
  • 3 different widths due to removable adapter parts
  • 4 different heights adjustable
  • Mountable on consoles, tables or as stand-alone
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  • Reloop Laptop Stand
Department Laptop Stands
Højde 23.5 - 36 cm
Dimensioner Exterior 29 x 26.5 x 24 cm
Vægt 2.3 kg