Adam T5V

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The Adam T5V Studio Monitor is an affordable, professional 2-way nearfield monitor providing you with extremely high performance, a wide frequency response, high dynamic range, and a wide sweet spot ideal for music production, post production and more. Producing 106dB per pair, the Adam T5V monitor features a powerful 5-inch 50W woofer that delivers punchy, deep and clean low end, while the 1.9-inch U-ART tweeter delivers precise and controlled high frequencies. The T5V Studio Monitor offers two 3-way EQ switches that allow you to cut or boost frequencies, enabling you to fine tune its performance depending on its position within a room. The fine tuning controls, combined with high performance and a wide sweet spot, ensure you the most accurate sound, allowing you to create professional and clean mixes and productions.

Fine Tuning
The Adam T5V Studio Monitor is designed to produce accurate sound, allowing you to hear frequencies clearly. This allows you to create clean, punchy, and professional mixdowns and productions. The T5V Studio Monitor provides you with fine tune controls that allow you to tailor the frequency response to perfectly suit the room or position they are in. The monitor features two 3-way switches that boost or cut the low and high frequencies by +/-5dB. They also provide a 'flat' setting. The switches allow the monitor to compensate for frequencies that may stand out too much when your monitor is positioned on shelves, a table top, a console bridge, or at varying distances between walls. This ensures that you are hearing accurate audio, not muffled by unwanted and amplified frequencies.

Powerful & Accurate Sound
The T5V monitor delivers extremely high performance, producing 106dB SPL per pair. This is provided by the integrated new Class D amplifiers delivering 20W power to the tweeter, and 50W power to the woofer. Delivering excellent transient response and a high dynamic range, the studio monitor provides you with accurate audio. The monitor offers a wide frequency range, with a U-ART tweeter that provides you with a much wider sweet spot. This ensures you can hear the same frequencies when you move around your desk. The small footprint of the monitor ensures it can fit easily into any workspace.

The T5V offers connections for XLR and RCA accepting balanced and unbalanced -10dBV inputs. This allows for 3.5mm and 1/4-inch connections, enabling you to connect the monitor up to a mixer, interface, and more.

The T5V features a 5-inch woofer that is capable of producing deep, rumbling low end, and a 1.9-inch tweeter that delivers clarity in the high end. The new U-ART accelerated ribbon tweeter is mated to a precision waveguide with the same dispersion-control attributes as the High Frequency Propagation (HFP) waveguide used in Adam Audio's flagship S Series monitors. The U-ART tweeter provides you with an incredibly wide sweet spot. This means you are free to move around your desk knowing you will hear the same frequencies while mixing. The compact design of the T5V ensures it can be comfortably fitted onto any desktop and workspace.

  • Affordable, professional 2-way nearfield monitor
  • High performance with 106dB SPL per pair
  • Wide frequency response
  • Excellent transient response
  • High dynamic range
  • Incredibly wide sweet spot
  • New U-ART tweeter delivers precise and controlled high frequencies with wider sweet spot
  • Fine tune controls (two 3-way switches to boost or cut high/low frequencies)
  • XLR and RCA connections
  • Compact design
  • Ideal for music production, video post-production, radio broadcast and more
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  • Adam T5V (Single, Black)
  • Power Cable
Størrelse 5"
Frekvensrespons 45 - 25 000 Hz
Udgangseffekt 70 W
Indgange XLR, RCA
Dimensioner Exterior 29.8 x 29.7 x 17.9 cm
Vægt 5.7 kg

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