sE Electronics V7

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V3 V7

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The road-ready sE Electronics V7 is a dynamic, handheld microphone with a supercardioid polar pattern, primarily designed for singers who performs anywhere outside the studio. Featuring neodymium magnets, tight production tolerances, and high-end workmanship, it delivers a smooth, natural sound on any voice or instrument, with great consistency.

The V7 is equipped with an internal windscreen which helps reduce unwanted wind noise and plosive pops. The integrated shockmount decouples the capsule from mechanical vibrations, providing exceptionally low handling noise and letting you move around on stage without fear of rumbles, pops, or anything other than your voice coming through.

The sE Electronics V7 all-metal construction, stainless spring steel mesh grille, and gold-plated XLR contacts offer effective protection from the rigors of live performance.

  • Crisp, Open Sound on Voice & Instrument
  • Ideal for Live Stage Applications
  • Supercardioid Polar Pattern
  • Dynamic Capsule with Neodymium Magnets
  • Low Handling Noise, Built-In Shockmount
  • Mesh Grille with Beveled Edge
  • Gold-Plated XLR Connector
  • Road-Ready, All-Metal Construction

Product instruction

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  • sE Electronics V7
  • Black Internal Windscreen
  • Thread Adapter
  • Mic Clip
  • Carrying Pouch
Department Dynamic Microphones
Microphone Type Dynamic
Mono/Stereo Mono
Polar Pattern Supercardioid
Frekvensgang 40 - 19 000 Hz
Impedans 300 Ω
Lydtryk 2.0 mV/Pa
Connector 1 x XLR 3-Pin
Dimensioner Exterior 18.39 x 5.38 cm
Vægt 305 g