Rane Performer

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Designed for skillful showcasing and creative mixing, the RANE PERFORMER is a 4-channel motorized DJ controller, featuring high-torque motorized platters, enhanced stems control abilities, a MAG FOUR crossfader, and 4 Precision Feel volume faders. The PERFORMER makes an exceptional choice for performance-focused professionals.

Creativity in Motion

The PERFORMER boasts 7" high-torque die-cast aluminum platters with acrylic discs that respond just like vinyl. Magnetically attached to the platters, the discs provide consistently accurate feedback. In the center of each platter is a high-definition 3.5" LCD screen that displays deck info, moving waveforms, album artwork, and library views. The Day Mode option reverses contrast for a clear view, so nothing gets washed out when in sunlight.


Precision Feel Faders

In addition to the adjustable MAG FOUR crossfader, the PERFORMER mixer section features 4 revisited Precision Feel Faders. These adjustable tension faders utilize the same dual rail mechanical system as the MAG FOUR, but in a horizontal fader that's mounted vertically on the circuit board. This translates into ultra-smooth, reliable, and consistent response when playing. The faders can be further customized in the onboard menu, giving you the ability to reverse them and adjust the cut-in curve from 0-100%.


Stems Control

With 4 unique options for controlling stems, the PERFORMER sets the standard for creative open format DJing. The PERFORMER features RANE's exclusive Stem Split feature, which automatically splits the acapella and instrumental sections across 2 mixer channels, giving you the freedom to add FX to individual elements, adding your own touch on the fly. STEM LEVEL transforms the 3-band EQ on each channel into adjustment knobs, allowing you to adjust, kill, or boost individual elements.


Expanded FX Capabilities

Add flexibility and distinct flavor with more than 25 paddle-triggered, fully customizable MAIN FX and 4 knob-controlled CHANNEL FX. This robust FX suite boasts traditional classics like Reverb and Echo, along with some newcomers such as Scale Down, Recycler, and Riser. The entire fader FX suite from the RANE SEVENTY A-TRAK Signature Edition mixer has been ported over to the PERFORMER. This allows Precision Feel volume faders to be used as linear controls for roll, pitch, and ring modulation. Seamlessly switch between the built-in hardware FX and Serato's software FX, providing plenty of options for whichever style you choose.


RANE Legacy

The RANE PERFORMER is the only 4-channel motorized DJ controller built to RANE's rigorous standards. The PERFORMER earns the namesake from the talented professional artists that put this controller to work, making good use of the Precision Feel Faders, MAG FOUR crossfader, and industry-leading sound quality.
  • High-Torque Motorized Platters
  • 4-Channel Mixer Section with 3-Band EQ
  • Adjustable Precision Feel Faders
  • Advanced Stems Control
  • 3.5" Wheel Displays with Multiple Views
  • MAG FOUR Crossfader (Tension Adjustable)
  • Dynamic FX Engine with 22 Main FX
  • 16 Performance Faders + 2 Mic Inputs
  • Dual USB for Seamless DJ Transitions
  • Includes Cables, Stickers, Software
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  • RANE DJ PERFORMER Advanced Four-Channel Motorized DJ Controller with Stems
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable
  • Poster
  • Slip Ring Assortment
  • Set of Stickers and Platter Markers
  • Crossfader Lubricant
  • Microfiber Dust Cloth
Software Serato
Dimensioner 78 x 40.4 x 10.4 cm
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