Presonus Broadcast Accessory Pack

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A perfect complement to the M7, Relevator, PX-1, PD-70, and similar microphones, the Presonus Broadcast Accessory Pack gives you essential items to get the most out of your mic in a broadcast-style studio. The kit comprises a desktop boom arm, a pop filter, an XLR cable and a pair of HD7 headphones for monitoring.
This pack is perfect for podcasters, streamers, and anyone creating content in their home studio. With all the accessories in tow, your broadcast recording experience will be more convenient and will sound better to boot.
  • For Podcasters, Streamers, and More
  • Accessories Complement Presonus XLR Mics
  • Includes HD7 Headphones & PBA-1 Boom Arm
  • Includes APF-1 Pop Filter and XLR Cable
Hvad er i kassen?
  • Presonus Broadcast Accessory Pack
  • PreSonus HD7
  • PBA-1 Microphone Boom Arm
  • APF-1 Pop Filter
  • XLR Cable (3 m)
Department Accessories
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