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Focusrite RedNet R1

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Put the power of your Red audio interfaces at your fingertips with the Focusrite RedNet R1, an immensely versatile desktop remote controller designed for professional engineers who demand intuitive, fast, and adaptable workflows in every environment from the studio to the dub stage.

With comprehensive monitor controls—level, dim, mute, multiple solo modes, A/B switching, and more—and support for up to 12 output channels, the RedNet R1 lets you easily and fluidly monitor in mono, stereo, or complex surround setups such as 7.1.4 for Dolby Atmos. Plus, four fold-down presets are readily available for highly efficient downmixing checks, and there's an assignable high-fidelity headphone output that can be sourced from analog or digital channels.

Thanks to the two color LCD screens and their precise metering for sources and outputs (main and headphone), you'll always be able to know what you're listening to while keeping close tabs on the levels. RedNet Control software is provided to get you quickly running with sensible hardware-focused operability for simple or extremely complicated setups. Furthering this controller's versatility is the footswitch jack, which can be assigned to control talkback, LFE muting, and other functions.

When it comes to talkback for communicating to clients and other engineers, the RedNet R1 does not cut corners. Use the built-in talkback for maximum convenience or hook up your preferred dynamic or phantom-powered condenser mic to the XLR input; there's even a gain control for optimation of the mic level. Choose from four talkback destination groups when using a Focusrite Red interface or a single group when operating other Dante-enabled devices.

Run the RedNet R1 via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or use the included DC power supply. A premium bonus is the Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC channel strip plug-in, a stellar digital emulation of the legendary and rare Focusrite Studio Console. Only 10 of the consoles were ever produced, but you can access its famed sound directly in your DAW.

Perfect for Power Users

  • A desktop controller for Focusrite Red interfaces that allows a ton of customizable hardware control to integrate with a variety of workflows in broadcast, studio, stage, and postproduction applications.
  • Assign Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, etc. tracks and groups to the input selection buttons, so you can solo whatever you want (e.g. vocals, guitars, or drums). Or in postproduction, you could switch between monitoring dialogue, effects, music, etc.
  • Assign output configurations to the output selection buttons to seamlessly switch between Dolby Atmos, surround, stereo, mono, or other configurations.
  • Assign I/O configurations for tracking or mixing to recall case-specific workflows on the fly. Recall your hardware vocal chain setup, drum tracking setup, or whatever you want.

Flexible Functionality

Extensive I/O Configurability
Inputs from one of eight channels (from 32 possible sources) can be mixed and routed to up to 12 monitor output channels, formatted from mono through to 7.1.4 surround, providing the flexibility to monitor in a range of common setups including Dolby Atmos and other immersive audio workflows. Alternatively, completely custom setups of up to 12 outputs can be configured for bespoke speaker configurations.

Easy Access to Groups

RedNet R1 can be set up to control groups of outputs from the multitude of sources and destinations available to Red interface users. From Pro Tools | HD and other DAWs, analog inputs and outputs, ADAT and S/PDIF connections, and from entire Dante audio ecosystems, audio can be switched and summed cross platforms, simultaneously and interchangeably.

Comprehensive Controls

Top-panel controls include level, reference level preset selection, dim, mute, and a variety of solo modes. There's an A/B switch for switching between monitoring presets, and up to four fold-down presets to allow fast switching for checking downmixes.

Integrated Talkback

With Dante-enabled talkback, an internal mic preamp for connecting an external dynamic/condenser talkback mic (48V phantom power is selectable), a built-in microphone, and a high-powered headphones output, you can monitor audio inputs and outputs and interact with talent and other users on the system. Talkback functionality provides four destination groups when used with a Red interface, or a single talkback group when used with other Dante devices.

Dual LCD Screens

Two LCDs display highly accurate level metering of the outputs, sources, and headphone outputs, and provide visual cues for navigating menus. RedNet Control software is used to quickly set up both simple and complex monitoring and routing configurations. Other features include a 0.6 cm jack socket, which accepts a footswitch for talkback management, LFE muting, and more. RedNet R1 can be powered via Ethernet to reduce cabling complexity (using the PoE standard) or by the supplied DC power supply.
  • Supports Mono to 7.1.4 Surround
  • Comprehensive Monitor Controls
  • Switch & Sum Channels, Fold-Down Presets
  • Flexible Talkback Functionality
  • High-Fidelity Assignable Headphone Out
  • Dual LCD Screens with Metering
  • Software with Hardware-Focused Workflow
  • Assignable Footswitch Jack
  • Powered via Ethernet or DC Power Supply
  • Brainworx Focusrite Console Plug-In
Hvad er i kassen?
  • Focusrite RedNet R1 Desktop Remote Controller for Red Interfaces / Dante Devices
  • 12V 1.2A DC Power Supply Cable (2.5 mm Locking Plug, 1.7 m Cable Length)
  • Cat 6 RJ45 Ethernet Cable
  • Registration Code for Access to Online Resources
  • Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC Plug-In (Download)
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