Reloop Laptop Stand Flat

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Reloop Laptop Stand Flat is an intelligent and sturdy solution for all DJs who require an increased work surface. Despite its extremely flat construction and thanks to the flexibly mountable subtray unit, it is possible to use this device for external sound cards or timecode based interfaces.

Especially convenient: The subtray unit can be mounted behind or beneath the laptop in order to route all cables of turntables and CD players bundled to the interface. The Reloop Laptop Stand Flat is also ideal as increased work space for MIDI controllers or keyboards as, thanks to its absorbing construction, any DJ periphery can be triggered comfortably.

Sturdy laptop stand for digital DJs, musicians and producers
For all common controllers and laptop computers
Anti-slip and anti-vibration protection due to extra wide padding
Interface tray for sound cards, etc.

Dimensioner Exterior 30.3 x 27.3 x 12.2 cm
Vægt 2.1 kg