Pioneer HDJ-X10-S (Silver)

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The Pioneer HDJ-X10 Silver Professional DJ Headphones are the ultimate choice for DJs who demand the absolute best performance from their equipment. Boasting world-first features for DJ headphones such as nano-coated ear pads and headband cushions, as well as ultra-high-resolution audio reproduction ranging from 5Hz, all the way up to 40kHz, the HDJ-X10 headphones deliver truly astounding sound quality and comfort. Equipped with a flexible headband and swivel mechanism, the HDJ-X10s enable you to find the perfect fit and position in any situation. The newly designed 50mm high-definition drivers are housed inside a unique housing, which reduces the pressure on your head whilst maintaining superb grip with its textured outer surface. The housing also holds a Bass Reflex Chamber, providing excellent bass response without sacrificing the overall sound quality. For the ultimate monitoring and listening experience, the Pioneer HDJ-X10 Professional DJ Headphones are the ideal choice.

World First Features
Pioneer are renowned in the DJ industry for producing phenomenal products, and the HDJ-X10 headphones further reinforce that reputation. These professional flag-ship headphones are one of the world's first pair of DJ headphones to achieve ultra-high-resolution audio reproduction, with a frequency response ranging from 5Hz, all the way up to 40kHz. This is down to a combination of rigorous testing, and constant analysis and feedback from audio experts and DJs. On top of this, the HDJ-X10s also achieve another world first with their nano-coated ear pads and headband cushions. This nano-coating is a completely new addition to the world of DJ headphones, and provides superior resistance to deterioration, allowing you to easily wipe away dirt and sweat in an instant. Combined with the rest of the pro-grade features and Pioneer's un-rivaled reputation in the DJ world, the HDJ-X10 Professional DJ Headphones are the ultimate solution for monitoring in any situation or location.

High Quality Cable Choices
The Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones come complete with a high quality 1.2m coiled cable, with an extended length of 3m, and also a separate 1.6m straight cable. The cable is constructed using an independent ground wire in a 4-core twisted-structure, resulting in astonishing stereo channel separation. This incredible sound quality comes from excellent conductivity from a consistent structure, and ensures that you get the best signal reaching your headphones. The cables can also be purchased separately should the included ones become damaged for any reason, so you can continue to experience superior sound quality without the hassle and expense of purchasing a new set of headphones.

Professional-Grade Sound
The HDJ-X10 Professional DJ Headphones are fitted with newly designed 50mm high definition drivers, delivering the world's first ultra-high-resolution sound in a pair of DJ headphones, ranging from 5Hz all the way up to 40kHz. The drivers use an optimized diaphragm shape and voice coil that maintains excellent sound quality, without any quality-loss from mechanical movement. Combined with a Bass Reflex Chamber that provides a clean and accurate bass response, the HDJ-X7 headphones ensure precise sound with incredible clarity, making monitoring and listening both easy and enjoyable.

Comfortable & Portable With Nano-Coated Cushions
Thanks to rigorous testing, including clearing the US Military Standard Shock Test, the HDJ-X10 headphones provide you with the confidence that they can withstand life on the road, as well as constant use and extreme conditions. They are also incredibly portable thanks to the folding capabilities of the headphones, whilst the included carry case allows for easy transportation whilst keeping your headphones safe. On top of this, the headphones ensure a comfortable fit with a housing design that reduces pressure on all parts of your head. The headband is flexible, but built with durability in mind at the same time. It is equipped with a flexible swivel, and a grip-enhancing outer-texture, making sure no matter what position you have your headphones in, they remain comfortable for both long and short listening/monitoring sessions.

  • Astonishing sound quality with an incredibly comfortable fit
  • Polyurethane leather ear pads and headband cushion with deterioration-resistant nano coating
  • Newly designed 50mm high-definition drivers with a Bass Reflex Chamber
  • Optimized diaphragm shape and voice coil for high-quality sound without any quality loss from mechanical movement
  • World's first DJ headphones with ultra-high-resolution sound ranging from 5Hz all the way up to 40kHz
  • Hear frequencies that other DJ headphones simply cannot produce
  • Driver's magnetic circuitry optimized for superior noise suppression and excellent tuning
  • Distortion-free monitoring, even at high volumes
  • All HDJ models have cleared the US Military Standard Shock Test (MIL-STD-810G)
  • Housing design reduces pressure on your head
  • Outer-texture of housing enhances grip
  • Flexible and durable headband with comfortable swivel mechanism
  • Refined look with durable construction
  • 4-core consistent twisted-structure cable provides astounding stereo channel separation
  • High-quality audio design inherited from Pioneer's previous professional DJ headphones
Hvad er i kassen?
  • Pioneer HDJ-X10-S Professional Over-Ear DJ Headphones (Silver)
  • 1.2m Coiled cable (extended length 3m)
  • 1.6m straight cable
  • 6.3mm stereo plug adapter (threaded type)
  • Carry case
Design Over-ear
Type Lukket
Frekvensgang 5 - 40 000 Hz
Impedans 32 Ω
Lydtryk 106 dB/mW
Maksimal Effekt 3500 mW
Headphones Foldable Ja
Vægt 328 g

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