Kenton Pro Solo MK3

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The PRO-SOLO Mk3 converts MIDI data into CV- gate and clock signals. The operation is easy and clear, settings can be saved in non-volatile memory. High-resolution 16-Bit converters provide accurate tracking and fast response. 1V/oct and Hz/V characteristics are possible as well as normal gate and Switched Trigger (S-Trig). The unit features two CV- and one gate output, additionally there´s a analog clock output. MIDI thru socket can also be used as DIN-Sync output or it can output two additional voltages with a special cable. MIDI synched LFO.
  • Aux 2 & 3 are now available on jack sockets
  • Aux 2 & 3 are now continuously variable voltage (not just on/off)
  • Added ADSR for using with synths and modules that don't have one.
  • Added Drum trigger mode on the Aux outputs (selectable drum notes)
  • 2x independent clocks (as on Modular Solo) which can be routed to any of the auxes and to DIN sync
  • Auxes have an adjustable slew rate (rise/fall time) to smooth out controller jumps
  • Pitchbend range increased to 48 notes up & down
  • When the MIDI Thru socket is switched to Sync, Available modes are Sync24, Clock 1 & Clock 2
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