iFi Audio iDSD Diablo X

Ny produkt. Forsendelse 2023-10
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iFi looked to the next generation of headphones when designing the iDSD Diablo-X. They focused the power and sound around xMEMS headphones, with a custom bias circuit, custom EQ circuit, and custom amplification circuit. The iDSD Diablo-X also features user selectable power modes, with a mode specifically designed for headphones with xMEMS microspeaker technology.

Upgrading the Original

The iDSD Diablo-X includes several upgrades from the original and popular iDSD Diablo:

  • Zero Jitter/Femto clock system upgraded for lower phase-noise/jitter
  • Digital engine upgraded with iFi custom ultra-low noise Op-Amp Ov2028
  • Analogue section upgraded with iFi custom ultra-low noise Op-Amp Ov2627

Beauty and Power

Packed under this all-new model’s hood, just like in a luxurious car, are the turbocharged bit-perfect octal-speed DSD512 and double-speed DXD (705.6/768kHz) making iDSD Diablo-X supersede, not mere hyperbole.

This aggressively curvaceous headphone amp spiced up with the deep, prodigious bass and the fully balanced circuitry will take you for a ride through the world of ultimate perfjoamcne, you will never forget. The pure performance iDSD Diablo-X edition designed for the true audiophiles, liberated from any unnecessary, extra features aims to keep the sound as close to its natural form as possible.


Thanks to iFi-designed, cutting-edge technological innovations such as Direct-Drive and Headamp Turbo, the devilishly powerful iDSD Diablo-X drives ultra-sensitive in-ear monitors just as well as the most demanding over-ear headphones with an unswerving authority.

Matching bi-polar transistors welcome you to the dangerously addictive symphony of natural sound with extraordinary low distortion (THD + N ~ 0.00002%). Equipped with the iFi custom ultra-low noise OV2028 and OV2627 Op-amps, iDSD Diablo-X will take your music to the sonic stratosphere.

Hvad er i kassen?
  • iDSD Diablo-X
  • iEMatch 4.4
  • Power adapter and DC to USB-C charging cable
  • USB Cables: USB3.0 / USB-A to USB-C / USB-C to USB-C / USB-C OTG
  • iTraveller
  • 4.4mm to Twin Splitter Male Cable
  • 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter
  • Fiber Optic Adapters and USB-AF to USB-CF adapters
Indgange 1
Udgange 1
AD Conversion Ja
DA Conversion Ja
Max Resolution 10 - 80 000 Hz
AES/EBU Connector Nej
Word Clock Nej
Headphones DAC Ja
Remote Control Nej
Wireless Capability Nej
Dimensioner 16.6 x 7.2 x 2.5 cm
Vægt 330g

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